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Know me a bit more


Know me a bit more…..

Most of the people want to read incredible things from others.

My story is not which is really incredible I can say more interesting. The way how I found the hospitality business and how can I ended up with Luxury Project Events that is something more interesting than incredible.

Most of them probably do not know that I was born in Transylvania in Romania.Yes the place of Dracula. So I grew up over there and here in Hungary.

The hospitality is in my heart since I was born, who were in Transylvania probably all known what I am talking. Since I started from the beginning I had only one thing what I knew.  I want to learn from the bests in the industry and I want to be the best in the restaurant, even I started this business as a dishwasher. So I started to knock famous restaurant’s door, and after a few months I got a chance to work with famous chefs and great restaurant people. Learned from them a lot and after went from fine dining to hotel industry, and started to work with one of the best five starts hotel chain at the world, with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. With them I spent more than 5 years, I was able to work in Budapest, Prague and Dubai. A few months ago I decided to do my own, that is how Luxury Project Events was born. That was my dream, and it is come true.

The reason is You. If you have events what you are dreamed for, just share your idea and we will help to make it happen!!!

Dream big with Luxury Project Events!!!


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