Every event has its own distinct personality, audience and tone.From small meetings to large corporate galas, Luxury Project Events ensures that each event is specifically created to match its’ intent and personalized according to the assigning’s wish.
We can expertly create and execute any event to fit your vision and needs.
When hiring us to be your wedding planner it’s important to note that all events are custom designed to the client’s desires.We know first hand that planning your wedding on your own can be difficult and extremely time-consuming.Celebrating your BIG DAY is supposed to be fun, so leave your stress at home and let us do the work for you!

If you have a flair for working people and know a bit more from the hospitality industry then you might enjoy this course.What is a course in hospitality? This class equips you with the basic skills, sales and marketing and operational skills necessary to successfully fulfill a position within the hospitality or customer service areas.


The respect of people she is working with is a natural ability for her to be able to connect and create the best relationships both on professional and personal level. Kata is one of those unique talents that will find the most ubiquitous ideas for any kind of event or organization.
Andrea Mihók, CEO Luxury Vintage Ltd.
Kata was always the most welcoming person. Her friendly but elegant assistance was a detail of the great service. I loved Kata’s impeccable and stylish appearance as well as her speedy and efficient way of handling a situation. I can say with great confidence that Kata Balazs will be a welcome asset to any organisation.
Richard Adams, Interior Designer
Fabulous, stylish, exclusive and experienced event planner,who solved all situations.
Hunter Henke, King's Point Cove LTD.
It is a reassuring to work with them, because they are really professional.
Ákos Lazsádi , Gyerekbarát Esküvő.hu
It’s been a great pleasure working with Luxury Project Events on different event occasions. Miss Balazs, the owner of Luxury Project has proven her ability to resourcefully manage and prioritize multiple projects simultaneously, with her high level of integrity and problem solving skills and going beyond the call of duty.
Irek Stawiczny, Client
I have known Katalin in a professional capacity for a number of years and have always been very impressed with her managerial skills as well as professional acumen. Katalin is a very strong people leader with an excellent customer focus ethos and always willing to go that extra mile. She is highly experienced working with international clients and businesses, thrives in a fast paced environment and understands the importance of how to deliver as well as what is delivered. Attentive, open and honest.
Philip Whelan, Head of Strategy&Process Management GBS
Katalin has very strong relationship management skills and understands the importance of “listening and understanding” the consumer as opposed to doing what she believes they want from a service perspective. During a number of interactions at large and complex business events and dinners which she managed, I have always been impressed with the organisation, structured management, attention to detail, quality of staff and most crucially, the ability to still create time to engage with consumers, customers and clients. I would have no hesitation in both working with Katalin in the future and recommending her senior managerial capabilities.
Philip Whelan, Head of Strategy&Process Management GBS


I started my hospitality career 15 years ago. During this period, I had the opportunity to work in Michelin Star restaurants and to travel all over the world. In the past 5 years, I worked for the most successful luxury hotel chain the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.
Thanks to the Four Seasons Group, I had the chance of being the leader of a great team in the Middle East in Dubai, where we opened the first flag ship hotel for the chain and also in the heart of Europe in Budapest. This exclusive high-end venue has given me the opportunity to master organizing parties for several different kind of events. Throughout these years, I held parties for different companies, baby showers, proposals, celebrating anniversaries and weddings for people all over the world.
Based on my years of experience, I decided to established my own company, providing a high quality assistance of organizing events. With our special services we create unforgettable moments to our clients.
Our services include the initial consultation, plan making and organizing the full occasion. We cover all the aspects you need to have a memorable and personalized event.
I am a firm believer, that all the best things come from your heart!
Everything starts with a Desire a Thought or a Dream. We can make all these come true.

We plan, manage and ensure a magical experience, where your dreams come true.

Get in touch with us for more details.